How Important is Your Book Cover?

Blank vertical softcover book template with pages.

Why is a book cover important? 

 A book cover is the first impression that a book creates on its potential readers. A book cover design is one of the most important aspects of marketing books. If the cover is unprofessional you are guaranteed to lose sales, so one should use a professional book cover designer for their book cover, or get a second and third opinion on the cover you create. 

Writers don’t write books, they write manuscripts. Designing a book cover is the process of getting an author’s manuscript into the hands of a reader, by materializing it – giving it a form. A successful book cover needs to make a reader ‘feel’ things rather than ‘tell’ them something. 

Make a note about the points your cover design should have and then have these points in front of you as a blueprint when you review submission of your book cover to your designer. There are many book cover designs that don’t convey the right message. Books with creative graphics, eye-catching font style, and attractive covers gain more sales. 

A cover is an important marketing tool for your book, so do not leave the design to the last minute! Be bold! The design should draw people in, providing enough intrigue and charm that they just have to buy it… now! 

Buyers at any bookstore are bound to be attracted by the amount of creative energy that a book cover has. Let us take a look at the role your book cover design plays in your books success, even before your readers crack open the first page- 

Catch The Buyer’s Attention 

Although there are many books hitting the market, a striking cover can make the difference between a hit and a flop, making experienced book cover designers in this field highly sought-after. Your cover must give away just enough to persuade the reader, and capture the story inside, without revealing too much. Your cover design must communicate that the pages within are worth a buyer’s time and attention. 

Keeping The Binding Together 

When placed on a bookshelf, the spine is all a reader can see, so continuation of a creative and good quality cover design is important here. Binding keeps the edges intact in a book so try to have the binding as good as possible. 

Give A Glimpse About The Book 

Your main motto is to attract the readers toward your book, Give a glimpse about your book, but do not overdo it. Make a note, attention grabbing and flashy are two very different things. The purpose of a book cover is to convey the theme or purpose of your story in a distinctive manner. But, this does not mean that your cover needs to scream your entire story in flashy fonts and eloquent imagery. Authors sometimes ruin their own story by adding too much information to the cover. A book’s cover must have a hook by your designer to keep the reader interested. Although you should never divulge the full assertion of the story, revealing the hook in the cover can be extremely successful. 

Carry The Books Information 

In book design, clarity about the books information is prime concern. Whether you’ve crafted a work of fiction, a Children’s book, or an educational treatise into health and happiness; give a glimpse about key information contained in the book by delivering a cover that gives an apprehension into the nature of your core message. 

The cover of your book should deliver the layout of your story. Treat your book cover like a living thing and allow it to speak for itself. The best book covers have one incredible piece of information that attracts the buyer. 

Stick To Your Genre Expectations 

While making your cover stand out by looking awesome, make sure that it characteristically fits into your genre.When you browse some bestsellers in your genre, you will surely notice patterns in color schemes, fonts, layouts, and images. If you go against what readers of your genre expect to see, your book will not be able to catch the reader’s attention and hence lose sales. Once it’s in front of the right target readers, with a great cover, title, and reader’s reviews, it will surely get a huge sales. 

Finally, you must be happy with the cover yourself! There are many examples I could post on what NOT to do, but I don’t like calling out people! If you follow the above parameters, you should have a smoking hot cover that draws readers in. 





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