What’s a PA for?

What’s a PA for? 

Hi!  How’s everyone been this month? Me, I have had a very busy month.  I recently signed my sixth author as their Personal Assistant. I kept saying 5 is my limit, but you know how that goes! So, now it’s I won’t have anymore than six authors! LOL 

Anyhow, before signing with this author, she asked exactly what a PA, or Virtual Assistant, does for the author.  Here are some of things I think a PA should be doing for their author. 

As a newly published, or even veteran author, there are always tons of minutia that you have to go through, from writing your manuscript, to getting alpha and beta readers, then an editor, then formatter, cover and graphics.  Not to mention advertising your book so you can afford to write another one.  All this takes time and energy away from your writing. 

A PA should lighten the load for you. PAs should be doing their best to get your books advertised, so that is one thing off your plate. Creating graphics, or hiring the right folks to do so would be another load off.  Dealing with emails from the hundreds of folks sending the author advertisement opportunities. Getting your books reviewed by major review sites, and handling that correspondence. 

Now, based on how well the PA does, and the level of trust you have in them, your PA can also handle your publishing. Making sure your book is formatted properly and uploaded to your publisher or major distribution sites. 

If you are currently using a PA, and have gained no more writing time, then maybe you need to look for another one. If you’ve never had a PA, don’t let the process scare you. An experienced and professional PA will have a contract, clearly outlining their duties and your responsibilities as the author.  I would also suggest it being someone who has been recommended to you, or someone you are at least familiar with. 

Hope this helps to answer at least some questions. If you have any more, please feel free to contact me! As always, you keep writing, I’ll keep reading!!   

 Avril Marie PA 


About the Author

Avril has been a PA for authors since 2016. She also edits, formats, and publishes authors works.

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