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Dreams of Vengeance - Lil Harvest spin off small

Dreams of Vengeance –

A Lil Harvest spin off

Author: Meraki P. Dark

Publisher: Taboo BooxXx

Length: app 16,000 words


The doctors were optimistic that it was a temporary adverse reaction. For the first three months, his fiancé stuck around. Then, over the next three, his parents began outsourcing the care for him. After ten months, no one could bear to see him lie there, staring into the ceiling and crying bitter tears at a promising career in sports commentating going down the drain. Being unable to sleep during the perpetual sleep-paralysis, all he had was the view of a ceiling.

But one night, a Lil demon stopped by. 

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Dreams Teaser


Meraki P. Dark is the alter ego of Meraki P. Lyhne.  This is his darkside, sure to give you chills and thrills!  You can find Meraki at any of the links below!

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Free booklet with sample chapters:

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