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Law of Beauty

Cubi 7

by Meraki P. Lyhne

#MM #Incubi #Fantasy #Romance


The newest Royal of the Cubi race is the one with the heaviest burden to carry. That is the birthright of any new Royal. Armed with a story told by his closest ally and one of the oldest Royals alive, Daniel feels better equipped to face what’s coming. Theoretically, at least.

When inviting humans to his House to further cooperation between their races, Daniel is also forced to face the men who decided to try to eradicate his race. However hard he tries to live up to his position, he luckily has people around him who will support him as he stumbles his way toward being a competent King. One unwavering supporter is the old Viking King with an axe to bury. Or two, as it is.

Any young Kingdom needs a strong foundation, and it’s still settling as those who are to help support Daniel are finding their places and roles, too. And Daniel isn’t the only one stumbling. 

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Cubi to 7


A Cubus talking to one of the humans looked around casually, his gaze catching Daniel, and he immediately crashed to a knee. “Nol!”

The many humans gasped or retreated from surprise when every Cubus in the room knelt and bowed their heads.

“Thank you, please, stand,” Daniel said.

Everybody got up and bowed deeply, Elakdon smiling and nodding at everybody as they stood again.

“This is our King, Nol-Beaudon,” a Lord said, stepping into the room. “And this is Nol-Elakdon, King of the North Kingdom.”

“Royalty, really?” a young guy asked, looking bored as if he hadn’t exactly expected his captivity to turn into any kind of a fairytale.

Daniel turned his head to look at a kid looking so hot and knowing it kind of hot. It was all in the body language, considering he didn’t have his clothes and accessories to set him even further apart or showcase a personal style. He looked quite arrogant.

“Attitude? Really?” Elakdon mocked, closing in on the boy to mimic his stance leaned against a pillar with arms crossed over his chest.

Daniel watched, willing to let the old King lead on another lesson—this one in how to deal with a Changeling mouthing off.

The boy looked a bit surprised at Elakdon, studying him. Then Daniel. “I haven’t seen golden eyes yet.”

“Oh, really. Well, that’s because only Royals have that.” Elakdon kept the mock tone from before.

“Great, a pompous family even here.”

Daniel chuckled, remembering having had a fleeting thought close to that.

Elakdon leaned in ever so slightly. “You know, I live in Denmark. They have a human royal family, and they aren’t really that pompous. The queen smokes and drinks, and when the princes were young, they went to concerts like regular folk and attended the local university. I’ve enjoyed their company on many occasions. The future queen belongs among my people, let me tell you!” Elakdon bobbed his brows. “But she would never be a royal here. Because that’s all in the eyes and something genetic.”

The boy kept staring into Elakdon’s eyes, then glanced at Daniel. “But his are red.”

Daniel stepped closer, focusing on his eyes to show the gold.

“The Royal gift to his people,” Elakdon said. “I can’t do that, and I’m so jealous.”

Daniel liked how Elakdon was able to bring humor into a situation. Had Seldon been there, he’d probably have spanked the young human for giving them lip. Or would he? Even Seldon seemed to have changed a lot.

“What’s your name?” Daniel asked the boy.

“Kevin Sanders.”

“How old are you, Kevin?” Elakdon asked, grinning.


“Oh, goodie, you’re of age.”

“Everyone in here is, Nol,” the purple-eye said. “The Untouchables have been grouped together, too.”

“Has bloodwork come back on anyone in here?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, My King. All in here. The few changelings are in waiting, our hormones so close to them is awakening the need for the Empowerment in some of them.”

“Let me ask you something,” Elakdon said, chumming up to Kevin Sanders. “If you could fuck anyone with Cubi eyes in here, who’d it be? Or be fucked by.”

“Well, she’s not here at the moment.”

“Do you know her name?” Daniel asked.


“Well, that narrowed it down to every Cubi born Succubus around.” Elakdon looked off in thought, worrying his bottom lip.

Daniel couldn’t keep the straight face. “You are a tease, you know that?”

Elakdon grinned at Daniel, then winked. “I do hope.”

“Share your plans, old King.”

“Well, young Kevin here has a plan for some lovely time spent with a certain Succubus.” Elakdon looked at the young man again. “What’s your plan for her?”

“I’m not telling you that.” A blush tinged Kevin’s cheeks despite his stubbornness.

“You have to, I need to know.” Elakdon sounded almost whiney, and it kept the incredulous smile on Kevin’s face, which made him a lot more handsome than the attitude had. “Lord, do you know what Succubus the young Mecla-to-be here has his loins set on?”

The Lord smiled. “Dark curls, yay high, long hair?”

“Uh, that sounds hot.” Elakdon looked at Kevin. “Does that sound right?” Kevin nodded, and Elakdon looked at the Lord again. “Eyes?”


“Perfect!” Elakdon looked at the young man. “But I really do need to know what you have planned for her.”

“And whether she feeds on women,” Daniel added.

“Oh, and that.” Elakdon pulled a face. “Yes, that’s an important detail, too.”

“Why?” And the young man was definitely growing nervous even though Elakdon looked his usual relaxed and down-to-earth self. Daniel even figured he’d upped the accessibility to himself as just a cool guy to hang with.

Elakdon looked at Daniel as if letting him explain. A glance around showed that the Guards had created a safe distance to everyone else in there.

“The day you arrived, I came to the cave to tell all of you.”

“You kidnapped us to replenish the ranks of something.” Anger and resentment flickered in Kevin’s eyes. “Humans you feed on?”

“No. You’re quite attractive, you know.”

“Yeah, not gay.”

Daniel chuckled. “Mere months ago, I would have sworn the same, but that’s not why I comment on your appearance. It’s your good looks that landed you here. Just like mine landed me here not long ago.”

“But you’re a King?”

“Yes, born to a human mother, grew up with high school, malls, boring homework, and all that, too. Got hauled naked through the halls after having been kidnapped, too.” Daniel still wondered what Elakdon’s angle was. Why chummy up?

“So why do you do it to us?”

Still not having figured out what Elakdon was playing at, Daniel almost looked to him for the answer, but it hit too close to home for Daniel to want to let someone else answer it. He had given that order, after all. “Because my Kingdom needs you.”

Copyright ©2020 Meraki P. Lyhne

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Meraki P. Lyhne writes LGBTQ+ books. Love cannot be wrong! Meraki’s books range from the fluffy romance to the exciting plot driven stories where sexuality is just normal but focused on MM. Everything from pursuing love to delving into erotica, looking at instincts in high gear (incubus), can be found under this name in multiple genres (contemporary paranormal and space opera being prevalent). The psyche and action…that remains a constant.

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