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The Heartless Tide

by T.M. Bashford


Could you forgive someone you love of anything . . . even murder?

Behind the iron gates of their Malibu mansion hides the truth about Shae Love’s boyfriend. After the relationship ends in violence, Shae flees on her family’s yacht.

Drew Vega is running from something, too. When he meets Shae on a Samoan island, both conceal their destructive secrets but can’t resist falling for each other.

But there’s bigger problem lurking . . .

His name is Brett Abspoel and he’s Drew’s lifelong friend.

Not even Drew knows how much Brett’s chilling past has broken him . . . and how it’s led to Brett’s current obsession—Shae.

As their three lives collide, they fight to survive the wreckage of love—and hate.

Find out why reviewers have been staying up late into the night to finish this suspenseful three book romance serial (now complete).

To preorder for just 99c: www.Books2Read.com/HeartlessTide

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About the Author:

T.M. Bashford lives with a family that includes teen children and a highly-strung dog who loves cheese. Taryn’s lived on four continents which has led to an ‘interesting’ mix of job experiences: an advertising sales rep, a ski chalet chef, a late-night news reader for the BBC and the CEO of an internet company, but writing books is her true love. Taryn is currently working on her PhD in creative writing while tutoring undergraduates and writing more novels. When she’s not writing or teaching, she’s training for triathlons in the hope that they will compensate for the fact she spends ten hours a day sitting on her tushie.




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