Review: Thicker Than Water by Becca Seymour

My 5 STAR Review!

I don’t know quite where to start. This story was brilliant! Great characters in Callen & Thatch, as well as the sides. 

The mystery and suspense just drew me in, making me not want to put it down. The growing love story made it even better.

And don’t get me started on the feels! Deeply moving in it’s touching on grief, fear, hope, family, and ultimately, love. There were tears in my eyes many times, and a huge smile on my lips at others.

I absolutely adored Callen! His horrible childhood should have warped him, but he’s true blue, through and through. His snark bleeds through so wonderfully, and his heart made me swoon!

Thatch, OMG! Such a strong man, dealing with everything that happens to him, and still his heart is just as big as Callen’s, so they’re a perfect match!

I can see so many stories growing from this with the wonderful cast of characters we get to know. I really hope the author gives us at least Koen’s story. He intrigued me!

I HIGHLY recommend this one folks!

Get it everywhere ebooks are sold!

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