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Bullied ~ No More

A Legacy Novel

By Rain Carrington



Finding peace at last, Javier Duran thought he’d hung up his guns and camo from his life as a mercenary to live in a town surrounded by beautiful mountains. Taking jobs that required him to be out of town periodically was perfect for him, except this time, when someone broke into his sanctuary.

Daniel Norman didn’t have an easy life. Abused by his brother and ignored by his father, he only existed. Learning how to get around security systems was the only skill he had that his family gave him credit for, so he did it well.

The house on the edge of town, the mysterious man who owned it, they were different for Daniel. Intrigued, he did his job and got their crew into the house but regretted it, as each room he entered told him a little more about the man who lived there.

When Javier returned home during the break in, everything changed for them both. Attempting to save Javier, Daniel commits murder, and Javier is determined to save him. To a cabin he’d bought the same time he’d bought his beloved house, he whisked Daniel, getting to know the quiet young man and finding more than he bargained for.

The age difference was Javi’s main concern, knowing his feelings for Daniel could only grow. Discarding him like others had, however, could break him. Can Javi chance his own heart to save the heart of the young man, or will his old life creep back in and destroy them both?


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Forest Of Tall White Aspen Trees In Aspen


PG Excerpt

Javi set his hand on his hip to watch the muscled Italian god texting on his phone, unaware that he was being watched. The former federal agent was slipping. Javi could have had the jump on him easily as he grinned at whatever he was reading on the screen. Figuring it was a message from his fiancé, Ian Andrews III, the love of his life, Javi wouldn’t give him too much shit about it.

Just enough.

He was lean and lithe, and it took only a second to jump on the hood of the car and make the big man inside jump. Laughing from deep in his rippled gut, Javi waved in the goofiest way he could while Pat set his hand over his chest, but finally laughed with him.

After sliding off the hood, Javi dusted off his favorite denim jacket and matching jeans and opened the passenger door, taunting, “If I wasn’t the hero of the story, you’d be dead, Papi.”

Pat’s eyes rolled hard, and he admitted, “Yeah, yeah, I’m slipping.”

Pat leaned over and kissed him quickly, and Javi smelled that nice knock-off cologne he always wore and felt his body heat but kept it firmly in his pants. As much as he missed rolling around with Pat, he loved Ian just as much now. They were friends and nothing more.


“Damn, Javi, you look good. What have you been up to, besides saving the world?”

Pat was speaking about their mission of the previous two years. Ian’s family had been caught up in a secret society, one that had planned to kill off the majority of the population so they could dominate the survivors and be kings. Ian wasn’t having it, and together with Pat, Javi, and a number of mercenaries that Javi had led, they’d stopped the culling and now Javi was sitting pretty on the money he’d earned for his work.

“It’s all about that cash, Papi. Better moisturizers, I guess,” he joked, hiding his feelings, as usual.

In reality, he was jealous of Ian and Pat. Not so much that both had the perfect guy in their life, but Javi didn’t have any. Fuck buddies, one-night stands, but he’d yet to find anyone he thought was worth keeping around for more than some laughs and hot times.


He could never lie to the former fed. Pat saw through him better than anyone had. “Not now, Papi. I just came to hang up my badge, or whatever I’ve had all this time. I’m tired, man. The mercs, they can keep an eye out for those few that got away. I doubt any of them would show their heads right now, knowing who’s hunting them down.”

“Yeah, I figure that too. We’ve got our few that keep track, and you are getting kind of old for this stuff…”

Javi grinned at him, catching himself in the reflection of the windshield.

Almost forty, he saw the signs of his age, the gray hair coming through the black. There wasn’t a lot, but he saw it, and if he did, everyone else could.

He didn’t have a lot of lines on his face, but they were there too. He had brown, luxurious skin, so he’d never show his true age, but he’d know. There was a ticking clock in his head and it just got louder all the time. So much he wanted to do, and it felt as if it was falling away so fast…

“Javi, what’s up with you? You’re not your usual cocky self.”

That reflection. The short beard, dark eyes and lips, high, perfect cheekbones. Yeah, he was good looking, but that would pass like everything else. “I’m… shit, Papi, I’m getting to be an old man.”

Raucous laughter boomed from the big man in the driver’s seat before he could get out, “I wasn’t serious, Javi! You could work for years, doing what you do. You could do anything you want, including finding a guy and settling down.”

“I don’t want to settle down. Not like you, all fucking domestic and shit. Just, I guess, someone to share some good times with, ya know?”

“I know it all too well, my friend. I felt the same before I found Ian. Someone’s drool on the pillow beside you.”

It was Javi’s turn to laugh. “I forgot Ian drooled in his sleep.”

“I forgot you saw him sleeping,” Pat growled playfully. “Go find your damn Ian.”




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A mother, a friend and fur-mommy, Rain Carrington lives in Colorado with her boyfriend and their three cats, one dog and two grandpups. She spends her time reading, writing and getting out into the beautiful Rocky Mountains as often as she can.

Writing books had been a lifelong dream but raising three kids left little time to pursue it. When she came to a part of her life when they were grown, and her body was telling her to slow down from physical activities, her daughters pushed her to finally go after her dream of writing books.

Taking advice for possibly the first time in her obstinate life, Rain got onto the computer and let the words start flowing from her. Her first published book was Honky Tonk, released in October of 2013, and from there, she fell more in love with the art and has gone on to write several series.

Rain Carrington is a novelist specializing in the male/male genre. She’s written over thirty books and has topped the charts in the genre several times in multiple countries. Her work can be found on Amazon.

You can find her here:

Website: www.raincarrington.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RainCarrington

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raincarrington/

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/rain-carrington

Facebook Reader Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/152938609461236

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