Mystic Pines 3 is LIVE!

Puzzling Encounter

Mystic Pines 3

by Shea Balik

Come join us for a fun-filled vacation in Mystic Pines, Alaska, where the weather isn’t always warm, but our hospitality is.

Axom Boone has always believed that there was more out there than could be explained. He’d had his first encounter with Bigfoot when he was six and had been obsessed with the paranormal ever since. But not everyone understands. In fact, most tend to mock him or just call him crazy. But in Mystic Pines, he’d discovered a world that catered to his passion with the Alaskan Triangle, a place where anything could happen

Dawson Reeves moved to Mystic Pines to get away from a string of crazy boyfriends. But he had barely opened his bookstore when he caught a man stealing books from him, not because he didn’t have money, but because he thought they should be burned for daring to question that the paranormal activity of the Alaskan Triangle might not exist. Had he just jumped from the frying pan into the fire when it came to crazy?

Little did the two realize it would be the mysteries of the Alaskan Triangle that would bring them together. Then again, there was a chance the myths weren’t just legends and might kill them both. If they hope to survive, they will have to put their trust in each other, despite their differences.

Warning: This series takes place in the middle of the Alaskan Triangle. Anything could happen, from Bigfoot, to aliens, to disappearances and upside-down trees, so expect the unexpected.

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