Spreading Wings is LIVE!

Spreading Wings: Birds of a Feather 3 by Rain Carrington

Winter days in a mountain cottage were like a dream come true for Robin Pavasaris.

Robin and Alex are together at last, the rest of the cruel world far from their door. With Robin’s parents back together and trying so hard to make up for their past actions, things were brighter than Robin could have imagined. Then what could either be the best or worst thing happens.

A letter sent to Robin’s mother with the picture of a child, Robin’s child, comes the day before he and Alex are to be married. The wedding postponed Robin flies to meet his son, but the horror that comes with the joyous news may break Robin for good…

The Final Book is now available for pre-order!

After death comes calling, can Robin and Alex find hope and a happily ever after?

The heartbreaking death of their son brings Alex and Robin to a crossroads. They don’t know how to be happy again. Thoughts of revenge are the holding them together by a thread.

Regina and Mykolas are hiding things, horrible things, worse than drugging Alex or aiding Yosiah. With some help from Chelsea and their friends, they discover things that can bring the Pavasaris family to their knees.

Then, like a miracle, hope springs alive that perhaps Noah isn’t dead. It’s a slim chance, but the couple have to take it, as their lives will never be complete without their baby boy.

Traveling to South America with a group who assist people in getting free of cults, they hunt down the town Yosiah is building with the money Regina paid in blackmail. Watching him and the others every day, looking for any sign that Noah is still alive, Robin’s hope starts to wane but Alex is there, trying to keep it alive for him.

The conclusion of Birds of a Feather brings back all the beloved and hated characters of the series for final showdowns, reckonings, and most of all, the HEA for the two men that have fought through the worst that life could throw them to be together.

About the Author

I love writing, it’s been my dream for many years, and in October of 2013, when my first book went live on Amazon, that dream came true.

Writing love stories that are centered on flawed but lovable characters is my passion. Finding love between people isn’t easy, nor should it be. Even in a book, there have to be obstacles for the story to feel real.

I am a mother of three amazing people, and three adorable fur babies. I live in Colorado but love many other places besides my home. One state in particular is New Mexico, the state where I was born has always held a place in my heart.

People and places make my stories what they are. Each character I’ve written is a part of me in some way. Each place I write is as well. Adventures come in many ways, and each of my stories has taken me on an adventure that I treasure.

Come with me on my adventures and fall in love with my characters, as I have. I promise, you will love the ride.


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