Testimonials and Recommendations

M.J. Calabrese

LGBT Author

I am very happy to recommend Avril as my editor. We’ve worked together for almost a year. I give her credit for helping me finish six books with several more in the works. She’s wonderful to work with. We discussed at length the type of edit I wanted and needed. She’s never failed to get give me exactly what I ask for. She is honest when she does make suggestions (which I hate to admit it, she’s right 99% of the time). My personal goal was to have less than 1% typos or grammatical mistakes in my books and with her help I’ve achieved that.

I checked around quite a bit before settling on Avril. Her rates are reasonable and competitive. I’ve been writing professionally for 30 years and I know that you get what you pay for.

Again, I have enjoyed my collaboration with Avril and will continue to use her until she’s tired of my whining. Just kidding, she’s very patient and tolerant with creative types. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

M.J. Calabrese, author of Coulter/Woodard trilogy and Songs of Love series

Email: Tensistersmedia@gmail.com

Shea Balik

LGBT Author

I have worked with Avril for over 5 years now, and I would be lost without her.

She is always honest, and so easy to work with. I have found her help invaluable when it comes to plotting and blurbs, as well as making my work shine in the best possible light.

I highly recommend Avril!

Email me: sheabalik@yahoo.com

CJ Dragon

LGBT Author

I cannot express enough how much I love Avril!

She is fast, accurate, and gives me the best recommendations. Without her my books would not have done as well as they did for a new author.

I highly recommend Avril!

Email me: cjb@cjdragon.com

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