Untouched by M. A. Innes

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I struggled a lot with this one. It’s no secret that M. A. Innes/ Shaw Montgomery is a top favorite of mine so it’s safe to say I’m a bit bias. There are two authors I one click for every book. I don’t need to see the blurb or cover image. They are automatic buys. M.A. Innes is one of those authors. My ultimate reads aren’t because of the storyline, genre, or even sub-genre. They are those that are character driven. For me that means every aspect of the story from plot, pace, angst, and even kinks are all motivated by the characters. That’s what I get from this author. EVERY TIME! Yes there are various degrees of the BDSM lifestyle, which I love, but it’s just an aspect of the characters not the main focus. Untouched is a perfect example of this. In fact, I would say it…

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